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Applicant Tracking System Career Features

Our Applicant Tracking Software enhances the visibility for all your job openings by allowing you to create and customize a beautifully designed career page. Your customized career page can list every job opening with complete descriptions, and accepts applications for multiple openings at once.

  • Showcase all job openings on your website,
  • Create and customize a career page that reflects your brand and theme.
  • Allow candidates to apply for multiple job openings and update their profiles.
Activity Quick View
Our Applicant Tracking Software enables you to quickly view a snapshot of all activities on a particular prospect, open position or interview, allowing for streamlined decision making. Quickly access all e-mails, texts, appointments and tasks associated with a particular candidate.

Employee Referrals
It’s easy for your employees to share job openings with their personal and professional networks with our Applicant Tracking Software.

Automated Notices to Candidates
Our Applicant Tracking System saves you time by eliminating the need to send notices to prospects, including interview reminders and follow ups.

Candidate and Team Communications
With our Applicant Tracking Solution, all communications with applicants include your company logo and information, personalizing the candidate’s experience with your brand, which is essential to securing the very best talent. ApplicantONE also enables timely and effective communication and collaboration among your team.
  • Send emails or text messages to a single candidate or batch your communications based on criteria you define.
  • Our configurable, easy to use email templates enable you to quickly and easily communicate with applicants every step of the way, keeping them engaged and informed from start to end.

Job Boards and Reporting on Job Boards’ Performance
Posting job openings is simple. Our Applicant Tracking Software allows you to post to your company’s website and to the industry’s leading job boards (i.e. CareerBuilder, Monster, Indeed) and social media sites with just one click. ApplicantONE makes reaching the most talented candidates easier. We seamlessly integrate with the leading job boards, making it easier for you to attract top talent without having to switch between multiple browser tabs/screens.

  • Enhance visibility for your job openings.
  • Manage all of your posted jobs from one location.
  • Customize the list of job boards quickly.
  • Post jobs on both free and premium (paid) boards.

Reporting on Job Boards.
Our clients tell us one of their favorite features of our Applicant Tracking Solution is the graphical data/charting we provide on the job boards’ performance. These charts graph for you exactly which job boards are the best performing and most productive, enabling focus of resources, and eliminating expenditures on job boards which are not effective. Feedback from our clients demonstrate that the cost savings from this feature alone more than offsets the ApplicantONE subscription costs.

Post Jobs to Social Sites
Our Applicant Tracking System allows you to leverage your company’s social sites including Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to their full potential and allows your HR managers to reach prospects on their favorite social media networks.
  • Engage your professional network with LinkedIn’s 400+ million users.
  • Post job openings on your company’s Facebook page or Twitter account

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