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Welcome to Zealandia Holding Company!
Thank you for your interest in employment at Zealandia Holding Company! We offer many types of employment in several different fields.
Beginning in 2010, Zealandia Holding is part of an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). This means that our employees are the stakeholders in our company and own a percentage of Zealandia Holding that grows over time.  Zealandia Holding’s ESOP was designed and installed by Menke & Associates.  Zealandia Holding is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Zealandia Holding has recently partnered with Wells Fargo and Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina. We want our employees to get the best benefits available and we want to ensure the long-term health of Zealandia Holding.  We offer and excellent benefits package for our full time employees of Health, Dental, Vision, company paid Short Term Disability and Life Insurance, Voluntary Life Insurance, and Long Term Disability.

We offer 401(k) through TransAmerica as our administrator, we have a full range of fund options available.  We do not match any 401k percentages.  More information about TransAmerica can be found at www.ta-retirement.com.
The journey below, from the vision of our destination to the values that guide us there, the reason for the journey and the markers along the way, was developed by a group of key employees and is practiced daily by all employees who have helped us over the last 10 years to become what we are today. When hiring, we look for individuals committed to becoming a part of Zealandia's journey that can help us reach our destination both as individuals and as a company.

Zealandia's Purpose (Our Reason for the Journey)
 We are passionately committed to improving people's lives by providing a lifetime of travel, vacations, and priceless memories.
Zealandia's Values (Our Compass).
1. We treat others as we would like to be treated.
2. We do it because it is right.
3. We will be financially responsible.
4. We will consider everyone our decision will affect.
5. We will be better today than yesterday.

Zealandia's Mission (Our markers along the way)
 To become one of the most profitable integrated hospitality companies headquartered in the southeastern United States serving over 500,000 members and customers.
Zealandia's Vision (Our Destination)
 To be the international leader in the hospitality industry by providing superior products and services to our customers while offering opportunity for personal growth, development and financial rewards for our employees.
We invite you to become more familiar with our company. Please browse our website to learn more about the different aspects of our company including the Festiva Development Group, Patton Hospitality Management, Zealandia Capital, Resort Travel XChange, and Festiva Sailing Vacations.
Our Culture
 Just over 10 years ago, Don Clayton and Butch Patrick had little more than a vision for a vacation ownership company that would provide a lifetime of quality vacations to its owners and members, as well as opportunities for growth and rewards for employees. Little did they know, their vision would turn the next ten years of it into a reality for the vacation ownership industry and their employees. Currently Festiva encompasses 25 resort destinations, 1000 employees in eight different states and the Caribbean. One key standing element in Clayton and Patrick's philosophy that has been passed down to all employees is that of constant and consistent improvement.
Our Leaders
Zealandia’s executive team collectively boasts over 100 years of experience in the resort and hospitality industry. The team itself has steadily grown with the company and is full with nine members as of 2011. Each of the men and women on the executive team embodies the spirit of Festiva and lives by the mission statement and core values of the company on a daily basis. The family-like atmosphere of the company is evident when speaking with any member of the executive team as each one is approachable by an employee of any level.
Our Destinations
 Visit the Explore Our Resorts page for a map of our destinations and a list of all of our properties. Our properties are a mix of those that we manage, those that include sales and marketing operations, and those that are affiliates of the Festiva Adventure Club.

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